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MozCom is a complete digital platform for retail commerce domain. A suite of highly scalable and configurable commerce applications, MozCom is a microservices-based cloud-native custom service with pre-built components. The salient features of the solution include:

– Designed for the omnichannel commerce journeys
– Well structured and layered architecture for reuse and long term maintainability
– Leverages Azure cloud features and entire platform manageable by a lean DevOps team

MozCom combines more than 15 years of deep functional and technical expertise in the retail commerce domain. The product is designed with the right levels of flexibility that any retailer would look for. When our knowledge on Cloud platforms and Agile methodology gets integrated into this, the suite becomes a perfect solution for the industry.

The MozCom suite uses a host of pre-built technology components (AI Services, Mobile API etc.), with custom business functions, thereby providing total control and high levels of scalability to the customer.
With the native mobile apps powered by a generic mobile technology platform, the evolution of apps are much quicker and cost-effective.
The system supports cross-platform deployment (web, mobile, social commerce and more), thereby making it ready for future multichannel and omnichannel needs.
The single technology stack across the applications with an API first approach – offers long term benefits on cost and quality, flexibility & scalability.
Highly available and globally distributed data storage using Azure Cosmos DB
Multi-region application availability using Azure Traffic Manager and online or standby AKS clusters
Redundant data backups using Cosmos DB and Azure Data Factory
Quickly release new features with zero downtime
A cloud-native platform designed to leverage cost-effective cloud architectures – Provides high scalability and reliability at a minimal cost.

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