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HCCC is a cloud based contact center solution. Deploying a next generation omnichannel platform including voice, video, email, chat, instant messaging and social media, featuring inbound and outbound campaigns, interactive voice response system, recording, intelligent routing, quality monitoring, e- learning, gamification, real time reporting and BoTs. The platform is modular and functionality can be added on as needed basis.

Hyper Connect Contact Center (HCCC) is an award-winning multimedia management platform fully based on IP architecture, for businesses of all sizes operating globally.
Our solution provides complete inbound and advanced outbound functionality with intelligent routing, multiple other communication channels including WhatsApp and Social media, Video and screen recordings with supervisor platform for monitoring and out of the box CRM integrations. The platform has connectors for all the major Bot providers and leverage cognitive services to size up the sentiment analysis of the customer.
Partner with IT Max to build a best in class customer experience for your clients leveraging HCCC and the new technologies to provide a superior customer experience (CX) to your customers.

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