Cognitro AI – Affinity


AFFINITY is an interactive tool built on graph-theory and useful for uncovering the underpinning linkage between members of network community by mapping their mutual connections (e.g., demographics, affiliation, etc.) and behavioral interactions (e.g., calls, wire-transfers, travel) both unidirectional and bidirectional, and subsequently contextualizing their roles within the overall network to best describes their active and potential contribution to the overall network (e.g., message broadcasters, communities bridging, etc.)

* Visualize relationships or connections between people, groups or between communities within an organization.
* Figuring out which individuals hold what level of influence over the group.
* Mapping of trends and spotting of emerging phenomena for launching successful campaigns.
* Understand the nature of social interactions between individuals as well as groups.
* Easy integration with your database.
* Supports on-premise licensing or on-cloud SaaS.


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