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Mazik Global- Back to School is built using Education Accelerator to ensure faculty, staff & students return safely.

COVID-19 has created serious health concerns and has significantly impacted educational systems and the ability to return to the classroom and campus safely. The need to guarantee a safe return to the classroom for students, faculty and staff to learn and engage is critical to ensuring the school year remains on track. To create a well-managed transition back to school, Mazik Global has developed the COVID-19 Back-to-School App

The COVID-19 Back-to-School App gives school administrators real-time visibility on school health to make a safe and healthy school environment and instill health confidence to students, parents, teachers and staff.

“Mazik Global’s Back to School solution offers secure symptom and risk tracking, case management & workflows for real-time visibility into who’s healthy enough to be on campus.

This quick-deploying Microsoft PowerApps solution lets you to make decisions faster, keep staff & students safer, and ensure your school year stays on track.

Key Features

– Easy-to-use mobile app improves adoption
– Case Management monitors anyone’s health risk status
– Real-time data dashboards
– Deploys in ~3 days
– Uses secure, HIPAA-supported Azure cloud
– Already live at several companies

Day in the Life:

– Access the app on mobile or through Teams
– Daily self-assessments monitor temps, symptoms & more
– Push notifications remind users to log in daily


– Act on virus-related disruptions sooner; keep everyone safer
– Shows staff & the public your commitment
– Reduces hours for risk assessment
– Long-term crisis management solution

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