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Zidyia Go “Self-paced learning portal for learner to complete their Lessons “SCORM and H5P”, assignments, Quiz, Questionnaire, Gradebook, Chat, Survey, Feedback, SIS Integration”

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“Zidyia Go Annual Subscription (Basic): Zidyia Go is a modern learning management ecosystem that is built natively on the cloud and offer its platform as a subscription service on the technology cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The fully redundant, fault tolerant, and resilient Zidyia’s architecture and AWS infrastructure enables Zidyia to guarantee 99.9% Zidyia’s system availability. Zidyia’s comprehensive SaaS offering, provides full system monitoring, automated provisioning for real-time system scalability and performance tuning, Hands-Free update/upgrade services, Basic Support Package, open REST API, beta environment, and a test/training instance. Zidyia Go Zidyia is a modern learning management which includes the below modules:
Compose a text page
• Compose a web page
• Link a file or a web site
• Assignments
• Blog
• Chat
• Choice
• Database
• Forum
• Glossary
• Lesson
• Quiz
• Survey
• Wiki
• Gradebook
• Outcome Tracking
• Feedback
• Questionnaire
• Quickmail
• Library Block
• SIS Integration
• LDAP Authentication”

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