Virtual Desktop & Remote Productivity (WVD)



Enable employees to work from home and access their data and applications remotely. Azure WVD takes the infrastructure out of VDI and still be able to access management tools you are comfortable with.

This 1- week assessment will provide insightful findings on how to modernize your organization with WVD and provide a way for your employees to remotely access data and their applications. This assessment will consist of 3 phases with the following agenda:


Phase 1-

Kick-off meeting to gather information: In this phase we would set up a meeting to discuss the organization’s business objective regarding a virtual desktop solution. Our engineers will collect information regarding the business applications they would want to be deployed to the virtual desktop. IFI will provide a quick walk through of how a basic WVD solution would look like with a quick demo.

Phase 2-

Analysis of your current Environment Here we will be identifying and analyze the dependencies for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Our set of experienced engineers will be digging in deep to provide you with the best solution on how to integrate WVD into your organization in a cost-effective manner.

Phase 3-

In this phase we will set up a meeting to display all our findings on how WVD would be beneficial to your organization. We will provide you a solution and road map on how you will be able to integrate WVD into your organization.

Deliverable for Assessment :

Presentation of discovered results
Strategic advice and guidance on the recommended enablement of WVD.
System Architecture using Visio.
Microsoft Azure cost calculations.
Reference documentation and video snippets

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