Cloud Migration or Transformation (Lift and Shift, Rehost, Replatform, Rewrite, Replace and Retire)



While the transition and transformation of the enterprise application is key, and it is also imperative to launch the new cloud model and make it available for the business as usual. Happiest Minds has end to end capabilities around Azure, Amazon and Google in designing, building and migrating the enterprise applications and the supporting data in IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS, FaaS models as per the requirements with the continuous adoption of AI/ML technologies. Happiest Minds will perform the proof of concept (Prototype) based on the assessment results, by understanding business, functional and non-functional requirements. The POC results will be captured for the continuous updating of low-level design document. The business cut over to the new cloud model will be carefully undertaken through various technical and governance measures

• Cloud Ready – validate cloud readiness, plan and document activities and key stakeholders for cloud migration (like-for-like or lift and shift migration or refactor)
• Assess and confirm the readiness of applications that may require OS/COTS version upgrades, Application code changes, and/or additional testing & validation when migrated to Cloud. Network security and load-balancing policies will need to be transformed as Cloud native network, security and load-balancing services will be likely deployed in the TO-BE state in Cloud.
• Validate and update migration waves that were developed during cloud discovery exercise – validate mappings, groupings, and exceptions with stakeholders and update as needed
• Analyze application-database dependencies and include these findings in the overall cloud migration plan
• Plan for the Cloud best practices while migrating to cloud

Cloud Infrastructure Needs and Design
• Validate and Review target sizing in cloud (compute, storage, Cloud services, security and network) and update target state infrastructure as required
• Design and document target state architecture for applications being migrated, taking into consideration: Scalability, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security and Operational Excellence
• Migration tools evaluation will be conducted and finalized during this phase.

Cloud Migration and Implementation
(Lift and Shift, Rehost, Replatform, Rewrite, Replace and Retire)
• Execute and manage in-scope data center server migrations to Cloud
• For each of application impacted by a migration wave: Perform infrastructure verification, Supervise the application verification, supervise abbreviated application testing of all applications impacted by migration wave

HappiestMinds shall deliver the above services with its inhouse developed services toolkits like,

• Service Provisioning & Seamless Data Migration – ELLIPSE Platform and Cloud native tools
• Cloud Transformation – cTF (Cloud Transformation Framework)
• Governance – cGF (Cloud Governance Framework)

• Application and Infrastructure Transformation (Application Revitalization and Application Profiling) and Data Migration

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Cloud & Data Center Advisory and Transformation


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