Happiest Minds will perform detailed assessment of Applications, Infrastructure and Security using different tools and frameworks as below to define the TO-BE state Cloud Operating Model and a high-level roadmap for the journey from AS-IS to the TO-BE state. Tools and Frameworks are ELLIPSE Platform, iCaaF (Integrated Cloud Advisory and Assessment Framework), cTF (Cloud Transformation Framework), cSAF (Integrated Cloud Security Assessment Framework) and cGF (Cloud Governance Framework). Business, Functional and Non-Functional requirements will be considered to define the TO-BE state roadmap and the cloud strategy.
The key deliverables are Assessment and Baselining Reports, New Cloud Model Functional, Non-Functional and Operational Blocks, High Level Design Documents, Low Level Design Documents, Project Plan and TCO and ROI Reports

Cloud Assessment
• Discover and Assess the AS-IS infrastructure and establish dependencies between Applications and Infrastructure: Application to server, Server to server, Application to application, Application to database
• Service level definitions & and performance metrics – availability, performance and capacity of the existing infrastructure will be performed to get the sizing baseline on the target Cloud infrastructure
• Assess existing security, monitoring, logging, and operations toolsets (IT Management tools) and determine the suitability of each for the new cloud environment
• Assessment will be performed based on People, Process, Tools and Technologies

HappiestMinds shall deliver the above services with its inhouse developed services toolkits like

• Advisory and Assessment Tool – ELLIPSE Platform

• Advisory and Assessment Framework
o iCaaF – Integrated Cloud Advisory and Assessment Framework
o cIAF – Cloud Infrastructure Assessment Framework
o cQF – Cloudability Quotient or Quadrant
o cAF – Cloud Adoption Framework
o cSAF – Cloud Stack Assessment and Selection Framework

• Cloud Security Assessment and Controls
o iCSaF – Integrated Cloud Security Assessment Framework

• Assessment Reports, Application Dependency Mapping, Maturity Scale and Scoring Sheet, Cloudability Quotient Framework, Cloud Business Case and TCO/ROI and Security Assessment Reports

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Cloud & Data Center Advisory and Transformation


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