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We are a Totara Platinum Alliance Partner, providing all the premium services for the most popular corporate learning experience platform, Totara. Our ability to ensure that the platform is designed, customized and deployed to suit customer needs has won us many accolades and awards in corporate learning.

Corporate LMSs sit at the heart of the organization’s knowledge and skills acquisition process and bring all of these elements together :

Company objectives: What the company wants to achieve translated to individual tasks that require knowledge and skills to achieve

Compliance: Regulatory and industry compliance requirements in terms of competency, skills, and reporting requirements.

People: The individuals making up the organization, each with their unique competency, knowledge and skills needs.

Learning: Learning strategies, resources and modes (face-to-face, blended, online)

Tools: Whatever that can be used to further the learning process from email to websites, to 3D models.

Performance tracking: Track every aspect to the learning process and compare it against company, departmental, individual, and learning goals.

Supercharge your learning management system with employee engagement and performance management in Totara’s Talent Experience Platform. Explore the full platform to discover how you can build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world. The three parts of the Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they learn, engage and perform to deliver where it counts.

The Totara Talent Experience Platform, the all-in-one solution for workplace learning, engagement, and performance enables people to perform at their best, all united and aligned with company goals.

Learn & Grow: Upskill your workforce on your terms.
Totara is dedicated to transforming the learning technology marketplace by offering organizations a powerful, flexible, innovative, and open software platform to deliver workplace learning in the way that best suits each organization and each learner.
Deliver seamless on-brand learning environments, improve teamwork, manage regulatory compliance, and harness social learning.

Engage & Deliver: Harness the power of informal learning and collaboration.
When employees are engaged, they are more likely to invest in the work they do which leads to a higher quality of work produced.
Totara Engage is a user-driven learning experience platform (LXP). Knowledge sharing is made simple using collaborative workspaces. Employees can create and curate content on any device allowing them to discover new learning opportunities while promoting social interaction and engagement across the entire organization.

Totara Perform: Perform & Succeed
Unlock new levels of performance.
Performance management is critical to aligning staff around a common set of objectives and goals. It provides opportunities to give feedback and identify professional development needs or opportunities.
Totara Perform is a continuous performance management system that empowers you to automate regular performance management activities. This in turn will result in efficiency and enable organizations to get a holistic view of performance. With Totara Perform you can structure feedback in a way that best works for your business.

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