SwiftAssess is a comprehensive assessment management platform, offering multiple key solutions, features and workflows that streamlines and automates real assessment-processes in different institutions. This covers industry standards when it comes to security, accessibility, analytics, item banking and more.

SwiftAssess is a cloud-based, outcome-based assessment management platform, offering tried-and-true methodologies and features that guides your journey through Authoring, Delivering and Tracking your assessment transformation strategy at all levels in your organization. That means, whether you want to run exams online, at home or on-campus, you can do that with ease. SwiftAssess works by orchestrating and managing the entire process of Authoring, Delivering and Tracking assessments of all types and schemes including Tests, Assignments, Practical Evaluations, Surveys, etc… and bringing unique solutions to each segment with respect to real-world scenarios (connectivity, devices, security, standardization, automation, business intelligence, and more). From a single campus model, to a nationwide assessment deployment – SwiftAssess offers the right set of instruments to cover the necessary workloads.


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