Mozanta – Zeus Eye


Mozanta Zeus Eye is a multi cloud enterprise monitoring dashboard. Zeus Eye eliminates the nightmare of real-time monitoring of multiple disparate systems. Multi-brand, multi-site and multi-location monitoring gets into as single dashboard view!

Zeus eye acts as a data source for your organisation to analyse the performance of your disparate systems. The real power of data enables you to make meaningful strategic decisions. It also makes troubleshooting easier, thereby considerably reducing your operations cost.

* Meaningful consolidation of data from different systems that helps make the right brand and product decisions
* Improved trouble shooting process, that reduces process bottlenecks and ensure better customer services
* Smooth flow of data across disconnected, but interdependent systems over a hybrid client environment

Connecting multiple systems with ease
* Zeus Eye connects multiple systems on different cloud platforms. The enterprise systems and their peripheral data sources are all aligned together through Zeus Eye
* Cloud and technology agnostic solution that can be easily deployed
An alternative source of truth for brand and product performance
* Data from various systems gets integrated in one single view, that enables effective decision making by the leadership
* Apart from the sales data, this acts as a single source for all brand performances across locations
Better experience for end customers

* Trouble shooting time gets reduced by more than 80%, thereby ensuring faster support to customers
* Every workflow in the system can be traced to the transaction level to ensure effective monitoring

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