Modern Apps with Azure


Strategize and build high performing serverless applications utilising microservices architecture with next generation cloud technologies

The goal of the assessment will be to layout the foundation for a reliable and robust solution for your apps that fits the current and growing needs of your business.

Our team of Certified Experts assess your current application stack for platform dependencies, compatibility, classify as statefull or stateless and changes required to modernize them. Walk you through of the process with an application module, converting into microservice and hosting it on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). They also help you with the costing, performance, autoscaling and future application architecture with AKS.

1 week Assessment Agenda:

Phase 1: Engagement Planning and Kick-Off Call

Kick-off call to discuss the scope and brief overview of the current state and ideal state.
Share current application architecture.
Share security, scaling, monitoring and performance requirements.
Discuss solution capabilities, advantages and scenarios.
Phase 2: Application Inventory

Identify set of application(s).
Review Current State.
Define Ideal State.
Phase 3: Working Session and Report

Design, plan and document key considerations for the Application Modernization effort.
Work with the technical team to collect data about the identified application(s).
Phase 4: Application Modernization with AKS Roadmap

Modernization roadmap and timeline.
Migration strategy.
High-level Architecture discussion.

Session & Demo by Certified Team of Experts.
Assessment Report with application details.
Modernization Roadmap & migration strategy.
Strategic advice and guidance on recommended enablement of automation.
High-level Architecture diagram.
$300 free credits for Trial.

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