DevOps on Azure


Enabling Development teams to significantly improve go-to-market time by collaborating seamlessly and shipping product from Ideation to Production.

Implementing DevOps in your organization might look like a big transition with complexities and changes to the existing system and processes but not with us. Our team of DevOps certified experts will discuss your DevOps goals and create a POC environment for upto 5 users to try out DevOps capabilities without any cost to you and minimal efforts. Team will also help anticipate obstacles and possible solutions for the full rollout.

1-week Proof of Concept will help you & your team get a hands-on experience of how the technology can revolutionise your current development lifecycle, benefits like automation, integration with existing process and how to build an effective DevOps practice. Our 1-week proof of concept would be following the agenda with 3 phases as listed below.

Phase 1- Kick-off meeting and discussion

Meeting to discuss the organization’s objective & expectations regarding implementing DevOps practices
Collect information regarding current applications, tech stack, version control etc.
Current deployment process for applications and environment
Understand project management and code reuse practices
Phase 2- Building Proof of Concept

Based on the information collected in Phase 1, a POC environment is provided with upto 5 users for 1 month
1 Application is identified by our team for onboarding to Azure DevOps
Our engineer works with client team for application changes and onboarding
We will create multistage CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment of the chosen app
Phase 3- Proving the concept

Demo of build & publish process
Demo on how to use other service provided with Azure DevOps like Board, Repo, Test Plans, Artifacts and extension marketplace
Discuss other findings and define next steps based on the discussions & POC experience
Handover of environment to customer team along with some documentation for further hands on trial

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