An exhaustive solution bridging the gap between operational data in factories and business metrics to give a combined visibility for improved planning, optimization, and collaborative decisioning to improve production uptime.

1. Dashboards collaborating Operation and Business Metrics
Single view of Sales, Warehouse, Supply Chain and Manufacturing data and insights.
2. Automated Billing by sections or outlets.
3. Alerts for energy disruption or anomalies.
4. Accelerate Energy saving initiatives
5. Faster decision making with insights powered real-time data integrations
6. Automate workflows and accelerate IIoT app development with PowerApps
7. Monitoring and Audit dashboards.

Target Industries

Industries that deal with the concept of Digital IoT, and SCADA and Pi systems.

Oil & Gas, Airports – International & Domestic, Manufacturing, Energy Saving Communities, Power and Utilities, Telecom, Automobile​

Engagement Approach

1. Discovery Phase
2. Build and Deploy

One-time investment on platform customization and then followed by pay as you go model for newer KPIs and integrations.

Managed Services will be included to manage and enhance the Platform.

Reusability of Use cases

Customizable for any infrastructure that requires Energy Management solution for savings, monitoring and analyzing Energy and water consumption.


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