InvSolv – Real-Time Inventory data interpretation


Real-Time Inventory data interpretation ​
A single source of truth that offers an accurate, real-time, granular and global view of Current Stock Position and Future Stock Availability.

Global View of current Inventory position at any location, by state of the stock and by time.​
Demand Forecasting​
Future Stock Availability​
KAFKA base real time data streaming and integration​
Open and Extensible design with API first approach.​
ML Models for Anomaly detection and Forecasting.

Engagement Approach

1. Discovery Phase – Assess systems, data landscape, and integration to validate if we have the required data to implement the solution
a.System Topology and Capability
b.Integration Assessment
c.Data Structure Assessment
d.Business Process Assessment

2. Build and Deploy Phase

Reusability of Use cases

Cost-efficient solution targets to solve issues with demand volatility and inventory management challenges for retailers who have e-commerce and brick and mortar channels


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