SAP on Azure Free Assessment – Move your Sandbox to Azure in a week


Migration of your existing SAP workloads has been made simple. With Minimum or no downtime, we move your existing SAP workloads to Azure. Our certified SAP & Cloud experts will get involve in your cloud journey from day 1 & advice you with a road Map & cost-effective SAP on Azure solution. We at Emitac believe in agile methodology.

SAP workloads which are deployed on Azure gives advantage to react quickly to new requirements, reduce your operation cost & gives the scalability & elasticity feature for your workloads.

Emitac Team has made the journey to Azure Agile & Efficient and it is based on years of experience in SAP & Cloud platforms. We always follow best practises for all our SAP Projects. During our assessment period, our Team will work closely with you in planning & designing SAP workloads on Azure. In the end of the assessment we will be providing you with a project plan & cost-effective solution.

1 Week Engagement:

Day 1 : Requirement Gathering

We study your SAP landscape thoroughly, such as the size of the database, single or tenant database, number of systems in the landscape, O.S versions, possible immediate future growth & the systems which are integrated with SAP workloads and so-on.

Day 2: Creation of Platform on Azure

We will be creating the necessary VMs & disk which is necessary for your sandbox system. We will be creating a site-site VPN connection from your company site to Azure site.

Day 3 & 4: Migration & Testing

we will be transferring the database backup dump to the azure. Depending on the bandwidth and the size of the database, once the database is transferred to Azure VM, we will be initiating Homogenous system copy & rebuilding the SAP systems. Post installation activities & testing will be carried out in the system.

Day 5: Delivery

System details will be delivered to the customer. Customer has additional of 1-week time to access the POC system and test the environment.

Post Assessment Customer will be provided with Bill of Material for Azure Servers for selected SAP workloads, Architecture diagram along with a solid SAP migration proposal to migrate your entire SAP landscape to Azure

Please get in touch with us to start with your digital transformation Journey with our agile methodology. Above Assessment is for those who are already running SAP on HANA Database

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