Cognitro AI – FastMatch


FASTMATCH is facial recognition solution designed to integrate with existing surveillance systems and matches faces against a list of pre-enrolled individuals enabled with reliable 3D liveness face recognition using advanced machine learning algorithms to pick out person’s faces and trying to answer “is this a real person” question.

*Fast Matching Speed (around 3 milliseconds per face)
*Works with large field of view and can recognize many individuals in an image (up to 50 face in a frame)
*Real-time video surveillance against a match/watch list
*Generates instant alerts in a form on audio alter or e-notification
*Provides the fastest matching capability with a low number of pre-enrolled images (2-3 images)
*High level of accuracy under the most demanding real-world circumstances
*Keep track of individuals entry/exit with timestamp for a one-month period
*Easily customizable for specific operational requirements


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