Enterprise Product Management System – MAZEED TECHNOLOGY


Enterprise Product Management System by MAZEED TECHNOLOGY helps organization realize strategies through digitizing and full-governance of projects and programs.

Built on Microsoft™ Platform, Enterprise Project Management (EPM®) is an end-to-end Enterprise Portfolio, Program & Project Management platform ensuring the successful governance of PMO full cycle implementation and automation.

Key Features

Fully automated EPMO processes, forms, reports, workflows, and audit cycle (if needed)
Smooth Integration with ERP, GRP, Strategy System, Committees System, and Mandates System
Documents Upload
Notification Center with Actions
Central Repository for EPM Assets
Fully-customized UI, UX
Powerful Dashboard & Analytics
Project Documents SLA
EPMO – System of Records
Backbone for VROs
Insights for the Minister Office
Organizational health dashboard on the portfolio level
EPMO Governance Model
Compliance with PM Standards
Alignment with Vision (2030)
Special Workflow for Confidential Projects

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