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Mazik- Back to Work solution provides employee risk assessments & real-time dashboards ensure compliance as you return to the workplace

COVID-19 has created serious health concerns and has significantly impacted business operations and the economy. The need to guarantee a safe space for employees to work and customers to engage is critical to the ongoing success of all businesses. To create an easier transition back to the workplace, Mazik Global has developed the COVID-19 Back-to-Work App.

The COVID-19 Back-to-Work App gives employers real-time visibility on staff health to make a safe and healthy workplace for employees and health confidence to customers to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

“As employees re-enter the workplace, the top business concern remains: staff and public health safety. Mazik Global’s Back-to-Work Solution offers health tracking compliant with CDC guidelines for reopening. It gives employers real-time visibility into who is healthy enough to rejoin or remain in the workplace; the power to make staffing or business decisions faster; keep staff safe; and ensure business keeps running smoothly. A Microsoft PowerApps solution, it deploys in just days.

Employees track symptoms, report COVID-19 exposure, or express safety concerns in one app
Alerts let you know when any employee shows symptoms or is newly cleared for work return
Integrates with Microsoft Teams to give users in-Teams functionality
Integrates with an in-office touchless kiosk for taking staff temperatures (optional)
Easily monitor employee virus risks and lower spread
Easy-to-read dashboards aggregate to-the-minute employee assessment data
Push notifications remind employees to log their periodic responses
Deploys in about 3 days
Customizable workflows
Centralized data means everything’s in one place; no need to hunt for data


Real-time data lets you take action on virus-related work disruptions sooner
At-risk employees know to self-isolate sooner, mitigating exposure to others
Better tracking and early detection keeps staff and customers​ safer
Instills trust and calm for your teams to help staff feel good about returning
Shows staff & the public your commitment to a healthy workplace
Use it as a communications platform to update staff and gauge team-wide comfort levels
Simple, portable usability creates higher adoption rates
Rapidly customizable to suit any industry or team
Reduces the manpower and hours needed to determine potential workplace virus spread and risk-assessment efforts”

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