Committees & Board Management System – MAZEED TECHNOLOGY


Committees & Board Management System by MAZEED TECHNOLOGY offers to digitize committees and board management activities to increase productivity.

Committees 360 offers a 360-view of the committees’ lifecycle starting from creation, assigning members, meetings management, correspondences & updates, mandates, projects, announcements, voting, till the committees’ resolutions and performance outcomes.

Key Features

Committee Establishment
Committee Card
Committee Performance Dashboard
Meetings Management
Follow-up, Notification & Escalation
Voting Management
Recommendations & Assignments
Correspondences Management
Committee Timeline
Closure Procedure
Easy to navigate
Different roles & responsibilities
Standard Reports
Data-Driven Insights
Data Visualization
Committees’ Performance Tracking
Fully-customized UI, UX
Powerful Dashboard & Analytics
Arabic & English Platform
Insights for the Minister Office

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