Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery using Azure


Increasing dependency on IT resources for running critical business application has emphasized the need of robust Business continuity Plan. Streamline your Disaster Recovery life cycle using Azure Site Recovery with automated recovery workflow, realtime replication, low RPO and RTO, comprehensive monitoring that provides visibility in recovery readiness all time.


Implementation of the Disaster Recovery for workloads to help overcome the risk of outages in Production workloads.

Our Cloud Experts deliver the solution in following phases:

Phase 1: Requirement Gathering
*Access to your Azure Environment
*Identifying the number of Resources that are in scope for Disaster Recovery
*List the servers based on the Type of Workload- Prod/QA/Dev/Test
*Gather the Server Role details

Phase 2: Architecture Discussion and Planning
*Detailed discussion of the Azure Environment
*Decide the nomenclature for Azure Resources to be established in the Environment with the stakeholders
*Detailed Plan for Disaster Recovery process that includes Pre-Requisites and Setup requirements
*Deploy initial resources responsible for migration

Phase 3: Initial Setup
*Setup Network Connectivity between the Source Environment and Destination Environment
*Deploy Servers and fix the Pre-Requisites for the Disaster Recovery process

Phase 4: Test Failover Phase
*Test Failover the Workloads to Azure
*Obtain Validation of the Workloads with the Team
*After the successful Validation, Clean-up the workloads deployed in Test Failover

Final Deliverables
*Handover the detailed Implementation Document to Stakeholders
*Training/PoC plan as per the requirement
*Inventory of the Server details
*Project Plan with detailed Timeline and discussion with the Stakeholders
*Provide the Efforts required and Cost Estimate for Disaster Recovery


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