“Twixor is a conversational platform, that extends business processes and transactions to end-customers, internal and external.
HQ in Singapore and with 6 global patents, we uniquely combine both
– zero code omnichannel messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger, Viber, RCS, SMS, web-bots, others)
– low code process automation using APIs to integrate with enterprise back-office systems
Using a low code approach, we provision digital customer experience solutions, to ensure accelerated deployment cycles for a variety of use cases, with high quality, and lower implementation, maintenance and integration costs. ”


“Twixor aims to deliver conversational transactions on channels preferred by the customer, augmented by AI/NLP, live agents, and rich cards.

These channels are both new messaging channels (like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Apple Business Chat), and traditional digital channels (SMS, email, websites). Use-cases span internal (employees, partners) and external customers, across all functions including

– transactions (register as a new customer, book a service, buy a product, transfer money between accounts, get quote, and several others)

– information (account balance, locate an office, mini-statements, track orders, price)

– marketing (personalized offers, festive offers, download brochures, others)”

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