Mandates Management System – MAZEED TECHNOLOGY


Mandates Management System by MAZEED TECHNOLOGY helps to increase productivity and promoting governance.

Mandates Management System (MND) is an end-to-end government mandates management platform that enables governmental agencies to effectively register, assign, delegate, manage, track, and monitor the internal and external mandates across different stakeholders and entities.

Key Features

Receive Mandate Correspondences
Creation of New Mandate
Linking with an Existing Mandate
Mandate’s Feasibility
Request Extension of Mandate
Link Mandates to Projects
Correspondences Management
Roles Assignment & Delegation
VRO Representation Management
Mandates Feedback Management
Follow-up, Notification & Escalation
Mandate Closure
Smooth Integration with Strategy System, Committees System, and EPM System
Priorities Management
Tasks Management
Reports & Dashboards
Documents Upload
Notification Center with Actions
Central Repository for Mandates Assets
Fully-customized UI, UX
Powerful Dashboard & Analytics
Arabic & English Platform
Insights for the Minister Office

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