Blackstone – Car Retail Bot


Blackstone offera an AI chatbot for car dealers and automotive brands using artificial intelligence to interact with your website or your social media platforms visitors, guide them to find their dream car and respond to their queries generating by that more leads and more sales.

Engage your customer with a car retail chatbot that will automatically capture your prospect’s profile and create a permanent communications channel.
The Chatbot offers instant, real-time sales conversations 24/7 for checking inventory, scheduling service appointments and even scheduling test drives.
Your chatbot will be in real time integration with your inventory and recommendations engine to better find your customers dream car.

The bot will help you capture customer information and build a customer profile, while simultaneously engaging customers and making it easy to schedule a test drive and try out the their selected vehicule.

The chatbot service request will allow your customers to pick a time and date for their appointment as well as leave any valuable information about their visit quickly and easily.

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