Application Migration



We analyze your requirements, environment, and goals among five migration methodologies, and recommend the most optimal migration method.



Rehost => Can be used to perform large-scale migration quickly and save about 30% in cost using the ‘Lift and Shift’ method, without redesigning the application.

Refactoring, Revising => Migrations that require transferring to a new platform by adjusting some parts without changing the core structure of the application.
Example of a case of a global media company transferring hundreds of web servers operated on-premise to the Cloud. In this case, WebLogic (a Java application container) was transferred to the open source Apach Tomcat, saving over 1 million dollars in licensing costs.

Rebuilding => Redesigning the application to Cloud-native which is a Cloud-optimized structure. Suitable for companies that require scalability, business continuity, and flexibility, such as server-less architectures and e-commerce. There is some time needed to redesign, but the effort compared to business impact is sizable.

Replacing => Replacing an existing application with a SaaS application.
Example of a case of replacing a CRM operated in on-premise with a SaaS CRM, such as dynamics.





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