Blackstone – HR Onboarding Bot


HR Onboarding Bot by Blackstone is a revolutionary virtual assistant powered by human knowledge and machine learning delivering intelligent, automated and personalized interaction with each new employee to ensure better onboarding experience.New hire recognition and welcoming:
Bot activated when the new hire visits the D365 Bot pushes automatic welcome message and prompts for walkthrough.

Personalized interaction:
Engaging with every new hire with personalized interaction Based-role learning & development recommendations continuous Follow up
Detects if new hire has visited the recommended sites and completed the tasks and proceeds to recommend the next.
Automated learning plan:
Defined Process with a 60 Day Learning Plan
Fast Service:
Find answers and learning materials quickly
24/7 Availability:
A dedicated 24×7 Assistant
Gaining Insights through monitoring:
Reports for Managers and HR staff on process compliance, employee training progress and his experience.

Better resource allocation:
HR staff can focus their efforts on other activities.

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