RPA – Robotic Process Automation & Macros



AppRobotic enterprise-grade RPA is one of the leading solutions in the market. Quickly and easily automate anything on Windows and web browsers, from repetitive daily tasks such as pulling reports to entire business processes, delivering proven ROI of 10x and more.

1.Vision: Automate just as if you were looking at the screen, by “seeing” images and interacting with them (clicking, dragging-and-dropping, typing). Interact with Java and virtualized Citrix apps.
2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) without using cloud services. 28+ languages built-in. Convert images to searchable PDFs.
3. Tap into predictions with machine learning.
4. Seamless in-bot integration with Selenium for precise web browser automation.
5. Use Python or VBScript, as well as C#/VB and others if you prefer compiled code.
6. Run UNLIMITED Bots – No Per-Bot Cost.


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