Adfolks OpsBrew


Ops Brew – Take Control of Your Logs in a Modern Way.

“Ops Brew is a Lightweight software component that will run on k8s, deployed on the on-premise or public cloud, that supports Syslog, packet capture, multiple SaaS and existing Log management and SIEM tools.

Ops Brew offers a cloud-native ingestion Platform that enables logs to be sent directly to destinations like security log aggregators by eliminating the need for additional labor for integrations with multiple sources and tools.

More than security logs, it supports End Point Data, network traffic captures, non-IT systems, and OT systems that can be collected and retained – at no extra cost to a client beyond the initial investment.

The zero-trust security foundation is built on operational logs with the modular and scalable pipeline that fits the hybrid and cloud-native world.

Easily integrate real-time logs with scale, speed, simplicity, cost, and coverage to a wide variety of destinations with the license model not based on the log volume.


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