Simple RPA project deployed on Cloud



Read data from upto 2 sources like pdf, txt, web or email and update upto 100 fields within the same system with upto 3 screens. Decision based workflow.


Requirement gathering & analysis:
Interaction with our SME to understand the process in detail.
Compatibility evaluation.
Prepare & review documents
Validate implementation timeline
Firm up execution plan
Understand & document AS-IS & TO-BE process flow
Identify the SOW & timelines

Design, Development & Testing:
Perform detailed aanalysis & design
Develop automation solution
Perform system testing
Perform UAT
Rework on issues identified in testing
Production environment readiness
System Design Document (SDD)
Automated solution (scipts)
Test logs and secure SME signoff

Production deployment & support:
Migrate bots to production
Parallel run of bot and manual process
Monitor automation logs and address any exception
Prepare for production support or support handover
Bot performance & monitoring report
Daily/Weekly matrics
User manual

Solution Area

Hospitality: Hotel Bookings/Modification/Cancellations, Customer onboarding, Customer loyalty management, Marketing campaigns.
Finance: Invoice Processing, Bank/Credit card reconcilliation, Legal processes.
Insurance: Insurance claims processing, Insurance under writing, Policy cancellation.
Education: Student enrollment, Application processing, Adaptive learning, Student advisory, Onboarding.
Healthcare: Patient appointment scheduling, healthcare cycles, claims & accounts settlement, patient followups.

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